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Among our clients, there are many world-renowned industry leaders, large public organisations, and cities. We help them to transform and adapt to the digital era.

Key Use Cases

Data Wallets generated and connected to DATACHAIN Network

Montreuil City, Paris Area, France

The city of Montreuil's economic development and innovation agency wants to strengthen the attractiveness of its territory to attract the headquarters of large national and international corporations and startups, more talents, more investors.


BRAINCITIES plans to start the mission by mapping inhabitants skills and local businesses expertise. Then we will proceed to a proactive matching of the latter with the needs of companies in search of territories of implantation for their activities, or investors looking for dynamic environments. BRAINCITIES LAB provides a citizen cloud and uses The Datachain as the platform and network managing every transactions and access.

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Data Wallets generated and connected to DATACHAIN Network

CAREAWAY, Paris Area, France

CareAway is a French company founded in 2013 by Dr. Louis JEFFRY and incubated within the ILLICARE Caribbean Society. With his team, Dr. Louis JEFFRY has observed the need to develop a new service capable of optimizing support, care and medical follow-up during the movements of ultra-seamen, and the international population in general. Since 2013, CareAway services have been deployed from Saint Martin Island throughout the Caribbean. From Saint Martin departing from Sint Maarten Airport, Careaway team organizes, transfers and assists foreign patients to the reference health centers of Guadeloupe and the United States.

BRAINCITIES LAB provides a secured by design network and the smart layer and the secured Data Wallet needed by Careaway to manage the access to patients information by hosting doctors.

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First Federation Operator Creating The Marketing Federation

Global Ads, Kiev, Ukraine

Global Ads Network is a first AI fueled programmatic multi-media ad-exchange marketplace that allows advertisers to reach the target audiences via Digital, TV, Cinema and OOH advertising channels simultaneously, worldwide, with the technology to do it reliably and at scale.

Global Ads is a decentralized blockchain platform which based on the targeted audience connects advertisers with the right inventory through different media using programmatic technology as well as allowing them to purchase ads directly from media owners worldwide. While by installing our plugging to their website advertisers will get access to real-time reporting and analytics of their ad campaigns. BRAINCITIES LAB provides a secured by design network and the related smart layer needed by Global Ads to manage the programmatic multi-media ad-exchange marketplace.

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Till now AI algorithms and data, both have been isolated in different work frames. For the first time, leveraging the use of distributed ledger technologies, AI will be able to Integrate with data seamlessly, accelerating the expanding adoption of artificial inteligence.


| cryptoinvest.es - Madrid

DATACHAIN is backbone for decentralized AI development! It is build open and participatory future of AI in contrast of big corporations like Google, Amazon or IBM.

- Sandris MURINS


Braincities works to ensure that private data misuse as the recent Facebook incident can never happen again. Braincities gives you back the power over your data to use as you seem fit. Be the owner of your data, support datachain and Braincities.

- Andreas von Hirschhausen

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