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Among our clients, there are many world-renowned industry leaders, large public organisations, and cities. We help them to transform and adapt to the digital era.

It was a great engagement with BrainCities team, their provided solutions and the flexibility that they have to adapt to customers needs are really unique, they are customer oriented and committed that is really what a companies need to succeed.
Morad Qutqut
Chief Technology Officer, HPE

Digital Live Garage, Dubai, UAE

HPE Digital Live Garage is a co-innovation centre transforming how technology impacts society and accelerates business to output production-ready digital solutions.Accelerate the idea-to-production lifecycle with industry leaders in interactive, immersive workshops which transform innovative concepts to pre-production demonstrations. The rich ecosystem of partners creates unique experiences which turn your ideas into reality in real time with joint technology from HPE, customers and partners.

The Project
Securing the access to passengers' critical data

The Passenger Datawallet is a groundbreaking digital hinge between the city and its visitors offering frictionless and tailored experience. It acts as a critical information protection vault for visitors, from which we can build infinite numbers of AI based personalised digital services. From airplane tickets to hotel booking, the Passenger Wallet helps the traveller to organise his trip, attend sport and cultural event without losing time in administrative tasks, or paper nor queuing. The Passenger Wallet provides a direct communication channel to passengers, residents, and visitors easing the issuance and securitization of official documentations, now stamped on the blockchain.

The DATAWALLET enables
• Data Anonymization
• Instant access sharing or revoking
• Data management transparency
• Zero Knowledge proof protocol

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With its data management infrastructure and distributed DBs, Braincities has the potential to solve challenges like information asymmetry or ethnocentricity of information.
Patrice Brandmeyer
Public Affairs Manager, Soya Capital

SOYA CAPITAL, Paris, France

Soya Capital is a Paris-based investor focused on B2B, B2G and B2B2C companies providing industrial and deep-tech solutions for challenges impacting billions of people. From human disruption in the workplace to environment protection, smart cities and transportation SOYA CAPITAL portfolio' companies are helping individuals, institutions and privately-held organisations to adapt to an ever-changing environment.

The Project
Securing investors access to startups' critical data

The Datawallet is a blockchain-based digital vault facilitating the exchange, the tracking and the management of pre-structured private data. Soya Capital choose BRAINCITIES LAB' Decentralised Data Management Infrastructure to build its Virtual data rooms to automate and secure the management of theirs investments. The Datawallet and the DC Future Access Token are used to make the investment in the fund portfolio companies easier and more transparent.

Data rooms are secures places used to store privileged data, usually for legal proceedings or mergers and acquisitions transactions. Data rooms are used for storing documents, file sharing, securing sensitive documents, and conducting financial transactions. Datachain Foundation technology is used to disintermediate investment in promising startups.

The DATAWALLET provides
• full access management.
• role permissions setting
• Data management transparency
• Time Optimisation
• Zero Knowledge proof protocol

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Augmenting Utility Tokens With Memory And Purpose.

The DC Future Access Token is an intrinsic token enabling the verification and validation of digital transaction on the Datachain Decentralised Data Network. Tokens owners have the possibility to allocate the Decentralised Control mean of value generation to specific projects, ecosystems and community. The DC Future Acces Token ecosystems facilitate an exchange of goods and services between participants in the ecosystem. Concepts from matching theory, auction theory, monetary economics, allocation theory, network economics and game theory, are explored to design stronger incentives for participants, produce robust stable outcomes, reduce inefficient allocation and improve the efficiency of transaction within each ecosystem powered by the DC FAT.

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