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Token Sale Details

Ticker : DC

Token Supply: 650,000,000

Initial Price: 1 DC = €0.023

Structure of ICO

Token Distribution

Money Use


Private Sale

300,000,000.00 DC Token


150,000,000.00 DC Token

The DC Token

DC Token grant exclusive access to the DATACHAIN ecosystem and its integrated decentralised exchange.
DC tokens holder benefits of discounts and can have access to exclusive functionality like data origin retracement.


Each transaction on the Datachain network has a fee in DC. The fee goes to the Federation operators and to the data refiners. The total number of DC remains constant with time.

Intrinsic token

Data owner, Data refiner and contributors like Federation operators will be able to set prices and receive payment for their services on the DATACHAIN ecosystem.

Smart Enabler

Distributed Smart Consensus and infrastructure automation enabler + Transaction spam prevention as all transactions cost tokens, it limits the ability to spam.

Soft Cap


Accepted Currencies


Hard Cap