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Data forgery, The Biggest Threat to AI & the Digital Economy

Data forgery, The Biggest Threat to AI & the Digital Economy

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Data forgery, The Biggest Threat to AI & the Digital Economy

Today’s Biggest threat to AI and the digital economy is data forgery and Blockchain may help solve it.

According to Vernon Turner, senior vice president at IDC, by 2025, approximately 80 billion devices will be connected to the Internet genérating over 180 zettabytes of data.

All the data generated by the IoT will dramatically expose private and sensitive information to attackers. The gap between the volume of data produced today that requires a certain level of security and the amount of data secured is huge, and this gap will grow 100 times. A major threat in an AI-powered world driven by data.

Approximately 11 billion devices are connected to the Internet today. We are already familiar with digital assistants, self-driving cars are coming, humanoid robots are popping up in every bank, 4D factories are being built all over the world relying on the data produced by their sensors and their environments.
The figure should triple to 30 billion by 2020, before tripling again to 80 billion five years later. 90% of all data created by this interoperable and interconnected network of networks will require some level of security, but less than 50% will be secured (30% today).

Here is the problem, how to create a trustful and sustainable society if the information used by people and machines is not 100% reliable?

It is not only about securing data storage. It is about creating a secured stream for the data fueling AI and other autonomous systems to guarantee the integrity and the resilience of the data used for services, decision making, driverless cars, healthcare, energy production, manufacturing, education, finance, cryptocurrency analysis and many more…

“Current solutions focus on keeping hackers outside critical systems, but attacks like the one that took down the power grid in Ukraine clearly show that sophisticated attackers will eventually penetrate these systems,” said Bergerbest-Eilon. “Once attackers breach a system, they must blind the operators and protection mechanisms by falsifying data in order to inflict severe and long-lasting damage.” Thus we need to rethink Data Forgery Protection (DFP) as it is the key to keep autonomous devices and AI secured, accurate and relevant.

WHY SHOULD IT BE A CONCERN FOR EVERY AI FOCUSED STARTUP? Well, AI eats data. Poor food means weak AI, irrelevant analysis and useless outcomes.

Data integrity is key. In fact, IDC estimates that by 2025, nearly 20% of the data in the global datasphere will be critical to our daily lives and nearly 10% of that will be hypercritical.

We all agree that AI is reshaping the world in an unprecedented way as it leverages the power of the data contained in business siloed databases and peoples daily life, to uncover meaningful stories. It brings the why, the what and the when. What would happen if the data were falsified. Would a recruiter make the right choice? Would investors choose the right business opportunities, would the judges sentence the right person?
Building a sustainable and trustful society requires AI and context-aware recommendation systems using data sources decorrelated from the current www soup.

At BRAINCITIES Lab, we are developing a new generation of artificial intelligence. The first autonomous system with judging and empathy capabilities. BRAINCITIES is a predictive and subjective autonomous system that can identify a pattern within a context. Our technology relies on a live data streaming platform using Blockchain key properties to secure and retrace data integrity. Our DATACHAIN aims to fill a security breach in the data storage and data streaming industries. We provide a secured decentralized data storage solution making data injection impossible, to ensure point to point data integrity. Our solution is designed for a data-driven world where AI will have to process Zettabytes of data in real time to provide accurate and relevant context-aware recommendations.
OUR MISSION: 2 Protecting the data used by AI from data forgery. 2 Shaping people and cities for the AI-driven data farmers era. 2 Making use of robots as a platform and alternative to the workforce global automation.
ABOUT BRAINCITIES Founded in 2013, BRAINCITIES is a french startup based in Paris 9th. The company is specialized in Artificial Intelligence and Data science.

BRAINCITIES bridges the gap between Humans and their ever-changing environments by making ecosystems like Cities and Companies Smarter With its Human-Supportive Artificial Intelligence.