Tokenizing Venture Capitalism.

Global blockchain and crypto community leaders discussing the future of Venture Capitalism. Listen to this group of experts exploring the potential of a Venture Capitalism powered by the #Tokenization Of Tangible Assets. Discover a new kind of investment instrument providing more security to investors and flexibility to entrepreneurs.

Learn how we are powering the real economy by combining syndication and Tangible Asset Tokenization. Explore the use #cryptoassets as #collaterals to make #investment in startup secured and liquid.

Tokenisation Real World Application

What if it was possible to use crypto assets to provide more security, more guarantees to the investors? What is digital assets could be used as a collateral to securely raise funds and ensure ROI and ROC? What if crypto-based ETP representing the combined value of investment funds portfolio could be used to extract then redistribute marginal value from the collective performance of the companies composing the investment fund portfolio. This is the questions we decided to answer when we decided to engage in the tokenization of Soya capital syndicated investment.

Decentralised Data Marketplace

Even if initiatives like open-data are getting more and more adopted at the governmental level, access to most of the data produced by our increasingly digitized environment remain extremely limited due to its proprietary nature. BRAINCITIES LAB aims to solve this problem by developing a peer-to-peer marketplace providing a single point of access for open and proprietary datasets.

Decentralised Infrastructure As A Service [Draft].

It seems that the Internet has become a large publique forum spreading individual opinions with limited to none controle. It is generating chaotic noises and counter results for machine learning projects like ​Tay*​, because current version of the Internet is not equipped with impartial mechanisms of information reliability assessment. The democratic and deregulated characteristics that made the strength and success of Internet in its early days, now, are plunging it into a digital dark ages.