Key Properties

Transaction speed99
Parallel calculations80

DATACHAIN is designed for a data-driven world where AI will have to process Zetabytes of data in real time to provide context-aware recommendations. It will host BRAINER the first Decentralised Cognitive Operating System.

Its design fills a security breach in the data storage and data streaming industries. We aim to provide a secure decentralized solution making data injection impossible to ensure point to point data integrity.

DATACHAIN is  network for Artificial Intelligence

Join our 100+ contributors that build reliable and biaseless AI using curated datasets and a secured development environment.


Core Features

Scalable Multi-Chain

DATACHAIN is based on a secured and flexible Blockchain - Hyperledger. We provide robust and resilient networks & infrastructures to public and private organisations.

Utility Token

DC is an utility token based on ERC20. Token owners can trade it on exchanges, buy services, invest portion of the token value in public infrastructures like schools.

Decentralised Exchange

DATACHAIN is a Secured anonymous Decentralised Exchange for private and public data and curated AI. We provide Knowledge and Outcome As A Service.

Secured by design

DATACHAIN is a federated network of networks. Interactions between members of the network are managed through smart-contracts.

Secured Environment

DATACHAIN provides a secured and complete development environnement. If you’ve used sandbox in Hyperledger, you’ll find this all super familiar and easy-to-use.

Unbreakable & Resilient

The multi-chain design combined with our "Testimony protocol", enable side-chain auto-regeneration. We designed a resilient structure similare to the DNA chain itself.