Moving Forward From Data Marketplace To Data Tokenization

By Kazé A. ONGUENE, Chief Executive Officer, Braincities Lab

DATACHAIN integrated data marketplace allows data consumers to easily license structured data in an ethical manner. We decentralise and w democratise data tokenisation by providing a peer to peer data marketplace. As a consequence we turn structured data into a tradeable commodity and unlocking a 200 billion data economy potential”.

DATACHAIN integrated data marketplace is a data exchange platform that empowers corporates, institutions and individuals to monetize the commercial use of their data.

The DATACHAIN Infrastructure and related anti-data-breach and anti-data-forgery algorithm and design grant data owner the control over how, when, who and for how long third parties can use shared information/datasets through our secured platform.

DATACHAIN Marketplace is a is a one stop place to discover, buy and sell Future Access Tokens, AI augmented Digital Services, and membership plans with members of our community, and company willing to use our Data Analytics Infrastructure.

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